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Hades - The Greek/Roman Paradox

Okay, I just found out that the guy who plays Hades in the Percy Jackson Movie portrays also Octavius in Night at the Museum. And Octavius is like THE Roman soldier. Just imagine Octavius being Hades’s Roman Alter Ego…I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing at this idea. Like, in the Giant War:

Hades/Octavius/Pluto: “I come to your support - with my ARMY OF SQUIRRELS!”

Nico: “Dad, you’re embarassing me…”

Hades/Octavius/Pluto: “Be quiet, son! A real Roman doesn’t know shame!”


Hades/Ocatvius/Pluto: “We expand or we die!”

Daedalus: “Sir, it’s just a traffic jam on the Field’s of Asphodel. En plus, they’re already all dead. You can’t kill them a second time.”


Jupiter: “I ain’t working with Toga Boy.”

Hades/Octavius/Pluto: “Romans work alone.”

*Jupiter whacks him one the head*

Jupiter: “I’m Roman too, you idiot!”

Hades/Octavius/Pluto: “Ow!”

Jupiter: “That didn’t hurt, don’t be a baby!”

Hades/Octavius/Pluto: “Yes it did!”

Jupiter: “No, it didn’t. Come on!”

*Hades/Octavius/Pluto hits him*

Jupiter: “Ow! That was much harder!”

Okay, I’m exagering. Just joking around - I love Steve Coogan and both of this characters, but it would be hilarious, wouldn’t it?

Is it obvious that it’s 2 AM and I’m getting into weird ideas?

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